Thanks for visiting. This map is a collaboration between NYC-EJA and ScAAN, with the aim of visualizing SMIAs for the EJA Waterfront Justice Project.

Currently, this is a work in progress so information or sources may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to leave fedback and let us know how we're doing (about → feedback).

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Waterfront Justice Project
Significant Maritime
and Industrial Areas
Half-mile buffer
to SMIAs

Significant Maritime
and Industrial Areas
Half-mile buffer
to SMIAs

Percent People of Color

0% – 20%
21% – 40%
41% – 65%
66% – 90%
91% – 100%

NYC-EJA Waterfront Justice Project


This map is a collaborative effort between NYC-EJA and ScAAN, furthering the work of NYC-EJA’s Waterfront Justice Project visualizing Special Maritime and Industrial Areas (SMIAs).

Industrial and maritime development is encouraged by zoning regulations that have created SMIAs – areas with a less strict approval process than other waterfront applications. These designations were given in largely low-income communities of color without considering climate change impacts and vulnerable populations in these areas. The NYC-EJA advocates for regulations to protect those who live and work around the SMIAs by promoting the safe and responsible use of hazardous materials and toxic chemicals, as well as supporting climate change adaptation measures.


NYC-EJA is a nonprofit citywide network founded in 1991, linking grassroots organizations from low-income communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice.


ScAAN is a New York-based group of scientists who use their expertise in partnership with organizations that are creating positive social change.

© NYC-EJA and ScAAN, 2018


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